Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome aboard!

If you found your way here let me introduce myself and fill you in on what 4:1 consulting is all about. I am a (1st Force Recline, couch Platoon) Marine and security contractor with about 10 years’ time OCONUS.
 I am currently a full time firearms/security driving/PSD instructor/ armorer which allow’s me to give back to my community and T&E existing products from other manufacturers as well as my own. I still have the overseas itch and may eventually head back over but for now I am having a good time doing what I do.

I am now back in Afghanistan and working on my sunburn.
Each job I have held over the last 15 years has afforded me the ability to both carry and teach the employment of belt fed weapons . I have utilized both U.S. and Combloc belt fed weapons almost daily over that time period.
Belt Fed weapons have saved my life and the lives of my team mates in the past and as you may be able to tell I am rather passionate about them.
Over the years some amazing guys have shared their knowledge with me, and in turn made me a more efficient and knowledgeable operator and instructor of said weapons.
 I still have much to learn.
I still use that same network of guys to bounce ideas off of, T&E equipment I am working on, and to update our TTP’s for training so our curriculum at work reflects what is actually happening on the ground. I owe it to them and their families if they come to us for training/advice/or products to do the best I possibly can.
I have spent a great deal of my own time and money modifying various belt fed platforms and support gear over the last several years for varying uses  and plan to continue to do just that on in to the future.
Frustrated with the lack of modern equipment and quality firearms training (despite the HUGE advancements in gear and training for riflemen) for guys using belt fed weapons, I formed a company to address just that.
 This all actually began in 2001 when I built a nomex quiver for carrying hot M249 barrels while working for a climbing gear manufacturer just prior to getting into security contracting before 9/11.
The idea for 4:1 consulting has been floating around in my banged up melon since then and is finally coming to fruition.
 I sure as hell don’t know it all nor do I pretend to, I am still learning every single day.
While 4:1 is belt fed oriented I am working on other products for shooters and armed professionals as well.
With the help of my friends in and out of the industry I finally got the ball rolling. I owe it all to them and do it for the guys on the ground fighting the good fight.
 We owe you all everything we have and I will NEVER forget that.
I hope this blog/training/products/future research and product development help you in some small way to do just that.

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