Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Med bags and the stuffing there-of

After today’s earthquake shenanigans (Have not been through one of those in a while) I decided to take stock of my emergency supplies. Weapons/ammo/kit/chow and water I checked a few weeks ago so pulled out my house and truck med bags to check them out.

A few words and pics of my truck Med bag (Rockin the 4:1 consulting Velcro TQ holder \m/ ) will follow.

A lot of us prepared types keep a med bag in our vehicles (as well as having the training and experience to use them)…if you don’t… you need to unfuck yourself. You could be the difference between someone living or dying. I am amazed at the number of instructors of various tactical related subjects who have zero medical skills and or equipment onboard when conducting training but that’s a rant for another day.

As to the bags themselves they don’t have to be fancy, if you are on a budget a few simple pieces of med gear tossed in a zip lock bag will do. I am currently using the ATS Tactical gear FRB med bag and like it…although it’s going to get sent off here soon to have some mods made to it to work better for me.

1 piece of advice…everything you throw in your bag needs to be waterproofed, having had several hundred dollars of medical gear destroyed when my pack soaked through once in a rainstorm I learned that lesson the hard way…again Ziplocs for the win.

I am a former EMT-B with combat lifesaver training and spent a little time while deployed as my team’s backup medic when our 18D trained guys were on leave so I keep my bag tailored to my level of training and abilities. I am not going to get into why I carry each piece of gear in my kit, but I am sufficiently trained and have used every single piece of equipment I carry in the real world.

I like to break my med bags down into “Sections” if you will for ease of finding stuff in the dark. Note; I need to find a decent headlamp and throw it in my kit.

My bag is broken down as follows.


VS17 panel+IR and white light strobe.

On outside of bag I keep a half roll of riggers tape on the waist belt + a SOF TQ in one of the 4:1 Velcro TQ holders I make and sell.

Inside bottom zippered pouch of bag I keep my taped together Splinting kit consisting of

X3 finger splints

X1 Sam splint

X1 cravat

X2 space blankets

X1 Coflex roll

Inside main pouch of bag I keep 2 Oales modular bandages for easy access, my bleeder kit consists of the following.

X1 SOF TQ secured with another of my Velcro TQ holders

X3 rolls of H+H compressed gauze

X3 rolls Kerlix gauze

X5 Combine ABD pads

X2 Quick clot combat gauze

X2 ActCel Hemostatic gauze

Airway kit

X3 Asherman chest seals

X2 14 gauge angiocaths for NCD

X3 H+H wound seal kits

Also my boo-boo kit consisting of moleskin/band aids/oral rehydration salts

Another Ziploc contains my BSI kit with non-latex gloves/beta dine and iodine prep pads/hand sanitizer

1 roll of athletic tape and 2 spare pistol mags.

This kit is setup to allow me to treat mostly trauma/minor injuries while out and about or on the range, and is either in my truck or stuffed/lashed to the top of my pack while out trying to shoot critters in the face or general woods bumming. Works for me.

The FRB bag is available from ATS Tactical gear here...



  1. That's a bad ass bag. ;) Great post, brother!

  2. this baggy reminds me heavily of the Conterra Patrol 3 bag