Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Money saving tip of the day...dont throw out your old kydex (Its easier to work than you think). Only thing you need is a heat source/multitool or your old lady's salad tong ;)  to hold/bend/shape the item and a few seconds of your time.

 I have managed to break EVERY single kydex holster and magazine pouch i have ever used with the exception of these.

These are by far the best and longest lasting kydex items i have used and have no screws or attaching hardware to break.They are made by a company called Ready Tactical and i purchased these through SKD tactical (GREAT company by the way).

 I have these two 1911 pouches and also 2 Glock 19 pouches. I bought them in 2006 IIRC and they have seen constant use since then in both Iraq and here stateside.
They have started to loosen up as of late so today i fired up the kitchen stove and rebent them for better purchase. Worked like a champ..and im very surprised how easy it was to work the kydex...hmmm i may have to play around with this Kydex a bit more.

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