Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Velcro...and the DCOD (Downstairs closet of death)

I messed around with this several years ago while i was still in Bosnia and am bringing sticky back!
(Not that you fuckin pervs).

Anyway...with the modern trends in trying to lighten the load of our warfighters with everything from lighter kit to guns you may find this useful.

One of the most awesome inventions for use in our world (Ranks right up there with  550 cord/riggers tape/and two ham slices and an applesauce) is adhesive backed velcro. Before it got cool to stick shit to our helmets with it, a lot of us used it all over our vehicles to secure navigation and comms equipment and the like. I had a gangster ass velcro copenhagen spitter in one of our guntrucks for a while \m/. EATADIK Sadr City.

In case you are slow...its fuckin velcro that sicks to shit...that you put on gear to stick to other shit with velcro on it...and shit.

Works like a champ.

This particular post is about securing rifle magazines. For those of you running go bags and the like lined with velcro...this is a pretty good way to keep your mags from sliding all over in your bag. You can run your mags inside your kit without having to buy extra mag pouches and the like...further reducing weight.

I am currently running mine on my Down Range Gear velcro pull out sleeve thingymobobber which works well for me when i cant have a gun on body (Apparently there are people afraid of guns and shit in the states).

Anyway its been good to go so far. Try it out if it works for you. Keep in mind this is good for that use but probably not secure enough to stick to the front of your plate carrier and get your FISH on.

Oh and in case you were i dont use G.I. mags anymore due to PMAGS being the poo but had one laying around to demo for those poor bastards still using those things.


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